[Frameworks] Videos curated by Jesse Malmed - Friday 10/15 - MICROSCOPE Gallery Brooklyn

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Date: Tue Oct 12 2010 - 20:36:35 PDT

I apologize, we missed the deadline for the listings this week.

Jesse Malmed - on tour from Oregon - stops by MICROSCOPE Gallery on Friday
night to present a program of short videos, "The Internet is a Terrible
Place to Live," featuring works by: Nia Burks, Tabor Robock, Rachael
Morrison, Jeremy Bailie, Tyrone Davies, Grey Gersten, Stephen Slappe,
Nathanial Katz, Hooliganship, & Max Juren.
The curator and several artists will be present.

>From Jesse:

Years ago we sang a song: friendster, facebook + myspaceget off the net +
over to my placegotta get over your email attachment‘cause your heart’s
hard-drive is crashing…

It [the title] is meant to be evocative—slightly snide towards those
cyber-utopians who think tweeting is a somehow radical act, discomforted by
our increasingly net-mediated notions of self and relationships, in love
with the creative possibilities of such technologies and maybe a little just
the right type of joke to right type of guy.

Tyrone is originally from SLC, earned his MFA from SFAI either seconds ago
or seconds from now and in addition to his stellar media art and
installation is the mind/body behind the Free Form Film Festival, Lost Media
Archive and LOAF-I. Grey is from Chicago, went to Bard, lives in Brooklyn
and has worked with artists like Lucky Dragons, John Zorn, Martha Colburn
and Jolie Holland on a variety of music, performance and film contexts.
Stephen teaches at PNCA and has shown at just about every reputable Portland
art institution, including, most recently, the Portland2010 Biennial. Jeremy
is a video, software and performance artist living and working happily in
Toronto with his Syracuse MFA, Images Festival works and a quote from
Filmmaker Magazine, “a one man revolution.” Nathaniel Katz earned his BFA
from SVA and his MFA at RISD; currently MIA from the USA (he’s in the ITL),
his works are set to be shown at Fondazione March (Padova, Italy), LOOP
Festival (Barcelona) and the Moscow Biennial for Young Art this year.
Rachael is from Cleveland, went to Bard and in addition to making art
organizes the Brooklyn Pizza Party video screenings, co-edits f.ART magazine
and is set to open “Lost and Found: The Work of Ben Porter” at MOMA’s
library. Max lives in Austin, shows widely/wildly and has a fantastic DVD of
his work available through excellent Texas imprint Monofonus Press.
Hooliganship (a.k.a. Peter Burr and Christopher Doulgeris) is a Portland
video band/instituiton on near constant tour throughout Europe and North
America. Tabor Robak is a Portland native and recent graduate of PNCA. Nia
Burks lives and works in Richmond, VA and is interested in collecting and
organizing objects and ideas. She has a BFA and two Masters degrees in art
and a host of upcoming shows in New York and Europe.

More info at: www.microscopegallery.com.
Admission $6

4 Charles Place
Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Charles Place is a dead-end street at the intersection of Myrtle &
Willoughby Aves.

J/M/Z - Myrtle Ave/Broadway

walk straight down subway stairs, across Broadway and up Myrtle.
Cross Bushwick Ave one block to Charles Place. Turn left. We are behind
Little Skip's Cafe.

L - Morgan Ave or Jefferson Street

B54 Bus

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