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There is a typo in the facebook link.
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"Dear Friends of the Film-Makers’ Cooperative in NY,

Please join us in Los Angeles for *Counter Cultures, Counter Cinemas*, a
film festival showcasing the groundbreaking avant-garde cinema that emerged
from the radical spirit of 1960’s America and continues to thrive today. From
October 14 – 16, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and the Pacific
Design Center in collaboration with NYC art enthusiast and supporter Charles
S. Cohen will screen seven programs of films in the SilverScreen Theater at
the PDC.

All of the films and videos in our three-day program accentuate the
long-standing alliance between experimental cinema and the counter culture.
The festival as a whole explores sexuality, politics, communal experiments,
and transgressive appropriations in a raucous celebration of visual
invention. Pioneer filmmakers Jonas Mekas, Ken Jacobs and Carolee Schneemann
will gather together in Los Angeles for their first public reunion in many
years. These artists will be joined by other luminaries as they screen and
discuss the history of the American underground cinema as well as the
vitality of the current movement.

For more information, refer to our new Facebook Page, link below, for
Counter Cultures, Counter Cinema:


Film-Makers' Cooperative
M.M. Serra
475 Park Ave South
6th Floor
New York, NY 10016

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