[Frameworks] bits & pieces of gear

From: ev petrol (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Oct 04 2010 - 20:57:03 PDT

hey folks
have been cleaning out & dunno if anyone is interested, but i've a collection of projectors, all with one class of a problem or another - maybe someone wants to try a frankenstein job & see if they'd combine into something functional? also a few other bits & pieces ... if they could be made to work, i'd like to hang on to the slide projector & maybe one super-8 as a backup, maybe we could trade technical know-how? this is for the NY heads, it's all in my place in dumbo
cheers! moira

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dodgy gear:

kodak ektapro 9020 slide projector
(very dim, for some unknown reason)
kodak instamatic M68 super-8 projector
(can't remember what's wrong with this one)
bell & howell 15MS super-8
projector (can't remember what's wrong with this one)
baia 16mm ultraviewer (can't remember
what's wrong with this one)
bell & howell director series
super-8 projector (not taking up well, jumping/sticking)
chinon 2000 GL (working but not very
a bell & howell dual-8 projector
(motor not running)
chinon SP-330MV super-8 projector
(motor not running)
another 16mm viewer (frame line off)
bolex 550XL super-8 camera (can't
remember what's wrong with this one)
sony electret condenser mic (noise on
the line)
ancient lavalier mic (not sure if it
works; unlikely)

16mm sync block
55mm fog A&B filters (nothing wrong
with these)
16mm splicing block for perforated tape
de-jur 8mm projector (as far as i
remember, this one works)
shortwave radio




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