Re: [Frameworks] temporary no mail

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Sep 29 2010 - 08:06:25 PDT

Hi Bill,

I'm replying to the list so everyone can benefit.

When you go to that page,, there is an
option at the bottom:
"To unsubscribe from FrameWorks, get a password reminder, or change
your subscription options enter your subscription email address:" At
that point you enter email suppressed and click - you will be
taken to a page with many options, among which "Click this button to
have your password emailed to your membership address." You can also
disable message delivery right there on that page.

I'm sorry if this seems complicated, and again I would be happy to
manage your subscription for you, but everyone should be able to
configure their address as they like this way.

All the best,

At 10:56 -0400 29/09/10, William Wees, Dr. wrote:
>In order to manage my frameworks subscription I have to enter a
>password, I didn't think I had a password. So I subscribed again and
>entered a password, and got a message back saying I was already
>subscribed --no news there--but I don't find a way to find out what
>my password is, assuming there is already one in the system. How
>should I proceed?
>Sorry to bother you with this--and clutter up the frameworks list.
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