Re: [Frameworks] in support of Josh Rushton at FotoKem

From: John Woods (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Sep 28 2010 - 21:05:29 PDT

>Are there folks anywhere in North America that are developing a coop lab? I had
>heard that Cineworks in BC was setting up
>a film-specific facility, but don't know if this included a lab or any kind.
Cineworks is struggling due to BC Arts Council Cuts (30% of our funding) that
happened the same year we finally expanded to our film annex.
Lack of money and over-dependence on a small handful of volunteers has stalled
the expansion.

We've got an 8/16/35 processor that we can setup for E-6 or B&W, the dream is to
have it doing B&W in January. We also have a 16mm contact printer in great
working shape, and a 35mm contact printer in not so great shape and a top
running Steenbeck and an animation stand all at the annex. We still have our
Oxberry optical printer at the main space but would love to get a JK printer
with 8 & 16 gates down at the annex to be fully self sufficient (lemme know if
you got an unwanted JK laying around...).

We're really close to having a 16mm B&W facility. We don't expect it to compete
with any labs but maybe it could generate some excitement and attract some
attention. But mounting budget issues might mean we have to pull the plug on the
whole thing...

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