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Date: Mon Sep 27 2010 - 19:49:55 PDT

I've never submitted to TIE and I have not submitted to festivals for a
couple of years. But towards the end of the period where I was submitting
work, I began to have experiences similar to those Anna relates. Those
experiences, combined with the cost of submission fees and a preoccupation
with finding ways to reach people who don't/can't attend festivals or
screenings in the remaining alternative film centers, pushed festivals off
my radar for my recent work.

In the early 2000's I still got acknowledgments of receipt and either an
acceptance or a rejection letter (or email). And the rejection letters were
often thoughtful and personal (even one from Sundance, admittedly part of a
different ecosystem than TIE). Something changed around 2007 or so. I
stopped getting rejections - just silence. I started hearing about
screenings I didn't know about (from screener DVDs or even web downloads). I
don't actually care that much about the latter as far as rights or anything
- I'm pretty much in the get the word out and please pirate my work if you
can't afford the rental camp, as long as no one's making a living off of it
when I can't - but on the personal side it starts to feel like one is just
writing checks and enduring the line at the post office for the supposed fun
of it.

But I sympathize with TIE. I ran a experimental music label back in the day,
solo, a very small enterprise, but the correspondence demands drove me
insane. I WANTED to respond to everybody - it was just physically
impossible, even if I did no work of my own outside of the label. And I
certainly wasn't getting rich off of anyone - it felt more like a donation
of both money and time. Eventually I couldn't keep up with orders either -
which still weren't enough to keep it from being a bottomless pit of debt.
So it died, to my dismay.


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> Well, yes, it is still no excuse. I understand some festivals not
> responding. It's still no excuse, but it is a lot of work to put it all
> together. I simply write to them asking if I got in or not. I usually get
> an answer and their pretty polite about it. I gues it's part of trying to
> get the work out there to be seen. It's probably like a band trying to get
> their music to a record company and getting no answers.
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> I didn't know that, but then I hardly imagined legions of people opening
> bubble mailers and taking copious notes. However, in my opinion that is
> still no excuse.
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> I'm not making excuse but how many of you know that TIE is ONE person?
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