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First of all, I have to say that I think the fact that any festival would be "really supportive" to some but not to all is a bit more painful than if the Fest simply neglected everyone. It gives newcomers or certain others that "less than" feeling.

I too feel many of the frustrations spelled out in this thread, and I know that a lot of my students hear these cries and are simply dreading the submission phase of their lives. They should be excited to show their work...and to go to festivals.

I love film festivals.
And the most upsetting thing about this is that a lot of these festivals need the submission fees to keep going, but as fimmakers are treated badly (or not treated at all), they stop submitting, thereby giving the festivals less money, and then the festivals begin to suffer or fade out completely.

Why should this happen due to something as simple as organization and time management? Here's a suggestion: While the preview DVD is loading in the DVD player, you can add the contact email to a mass email list called "RECEIVED". After an hour, a day, a week or a month of watching, simply type out a message that says "We've received your submission (and fee!), please stay tuned for further notices regarding programming, <3 YR FILM FEST". Then hit send.

In general, I like to look at my submission fee as a donation, which, if I can afford it, pleases me to send to an organization I respect and support. So even if I'm rejected, I've helped out with a good cause. But if I'm not worth an email, the festival isn't worth $35.

And I agree with Melissa- kindness is the key. In both directions.

(Sorry if some of this sounds a bit sarcastic at times)

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Sounds like several  people agree about this poor communication at TIE.  I think it warrants an email to TIE if you haven't already- letting them know about the poor communication regarding submissions.  They won't change if they don't know you're mad!   They absolutely should send an email confirmation one way or the other.  We're all in this together. Kindness is key.

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I'm extremely grateful to Dominic for bringing this up. I had thought about mentioning this myself on Frameworks and I wondered if nobody mentioned it because of politics, etc.

Submission fees aside, this has been my experience the last year with a number of festivals, and communication with TIE in particular has been tremendously frustrating. though they are certainly not the exception. I understand that it takes time to look at work and put together a program but at the very least it seems fair to notify a filmmaker that you have received their submission, and honestly, suddenly seeing a program published is not the best way to find out that you have not got into a festival. Even a form rejection email would suffice - I don't expect to be accepted everywhere but I do take frequent rejection letters as confirmation that I am at least trying to get my work seen.

I'm currently in the process of putting some programs together, and I intend to notify every filmmaker considered that I have received and screened their work, and give them feedback before I make a public announcement. It's hard enough getting experimental film and video work seen as it is without the feeling that you are merely throwing screeners into the ether.



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