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THE 14TH ANNUAL VIEWS FROM THE AVANT GARDE Thursday September 30th to Sunday October 3rd. This year the series offers 18 programs with over a 100 films. 33 World Premieres. 30 artists being shown in Views for the first time. Many of the artists will be present. COME AND EXPERIENCE IT ALL see list below and for further details go to http://www.filmlinc.com/nyff/2010/views1 Thursday September 30 Pierre Clémenti: Unreleased Reels Souvenir souvenir (Reel 27) France, 1967-78, 27m Positano (Reel 30B01) France, c. 1968, 28m La Deuxième femme (Reel J) France, 1967-78, 48m Total running time: 103m Thu Sep 30: 6:30 (Furman Gallery) http://www.filmlinc.com/nyff/2010/views-from-the-avant-garde-pierre-clementi-unreleased-reels Friday October 1 Jean-Marie Straub O somma luce Jean-Marie Straub, France, 2009, 18m. Corneille–Brecht Jean-Marie Straub & Cornelia Geise, France, 2009, 80m. Total running time: 98m Fri Oct 1: 12:00 http://www.filmlinc.com/nyff/2010/views-from-the-avant-garde-friday-october-1/views-from-the-avant-garde-jean-marie-straub Helga Fanderl 29 films in five movements Germany/France, 2009; Super 8 to 16mm blow-ups I. Birds at Checkpoint Charlie (Vögel am Checkpoint Charlie) East Berlin (Ostberlin) Tunnel From the Empire State Building (Aus dem Empire State Building) Tortelloni Wild Waters (Wilde Wasser) Polar Bear (Eisbär) 18m. II. Porte St. Denis Columbus Circle Rue Labat Mourning (Rue Labat in Trauer) Mirrored Café (Spiegelcafé) Hut (Hütte) Tropical Garden in Spring Time (Jardin tropical im Frühling) 15m. III. Portrait Tea Time (Teetrinken) Red Curtain (Roter Vorhang) 7m. IV. Dancing Water II (Wassertanz II) For M. (Für M.) Butterflies (Schmetterlinge) After the Fire II (Nach dem Feuer II) Sculpture and Water (Skulptur und Wasser) 15m. V. Mist II (Nebel II) Winklerweiher Dancing Water I (Wassertanz I) Mist I (Nebel I) Künettegraben short (Künettegraben kurz) Ingolstadt at Night (Ingolstadt nachts) Oranges, Moon and Sun (Orangen, Mond und Sonne) Cobwebs and Fishes (Spinnweben und Fische) 13m. Total running time: 68m. Fri Oct 1: 2:00pm http://www.filmlinc.com/nyff/2010/views-from-the-avant-garde-friday-october-1/views-from-the-avant-garde-helga-fanderl History is Homemade at Night: The Crazy, Beautiful World of Jeff Keen Marvo Movie U.K., 1967, 5m. Cineblatz, U.K., 1967, 3m. Meatdaze U.K., 1968, 10m. White Lite U.K., 1968, 3m. Wail U.K., 1961, 5m. Rayday Film U.K., 1968-1970/1976, 13m. White Dust U.K., 1970-72, 33m. 35mm blow-ups & restoration prints from the British Film Institute Fri Oct 1: 3:30pm http://www.filmlinc.com/nyff/2010/views-from-the-avant-garde-friday-october-1/views-jeff-keen Jennifer Montgomery The Agonal Phase U.S., 2010, 42m. Transitional Objects U.S., 2000, 19m. Total Running time: 61m Fri Oct 1: 5:30pm http://www.filmlinc.com/nyff/2010/views-from-the-avant-garde-friday-october-1/views-from-the-avant-garde-jennifer-montgomery Phil Solomon American Falls U.S., 2010, 55m. What’s Out Tonight Is Lost U.S., 1983, 8m. New print – preservation by the Academy Film Archive Total Running time: 63m Friday Oct 1: 7:30pm http://www.filmlinc.com/nyff/2010/views-from-the-avant-garde-friday-october-1/views-from-the-avant-garde-phil-solomon James Benning Ruhr Germany/U.S., 2009, 120m. Fri Oct 1: 9:00pm http://www.filmlinc.com/nyff/2010/views-from-the-avant-garde-friday-october-1/views-from-the-avant-garde-james-benning Saturday October 2 Mirror of Shadow and Cinders If all that changes slowly is linked to life, then all that is transformed rapidly is explained by fire.—Yves Klein Photofinish Figures (Il finish delle figure) Paolo Gioli, Italy, 2009, 9.12m. A Thousand Julys Lewis Klahr, USA, 2010, 6.30m. Marie Karen Yasinsky, USA, 2010, 6m. Dissonant Manon de Boer, Netherlands/Belgium, 2010, 11m. Ape of Nature Peggy Ahwesh, USA, 2010, 24m. The Soul of Things Dominic Angerame, USA, 2010, 15m. Destination Finale Philip Widmann, Germany, 2008, 9m. Valleys of Fear Erin Espelie, USA, 2010, 22m. SHU (Blue Hour Lullaby) Philipp Lachenmann, Germany, 2008, 12m. Total running time: 113m. Sat Oct 2: 12:00 http://www.filmlinc.com/nyff/2010/views-from-the-avant-garde-saturday-october-2/views-from-the-avant-garde-mirror-of-shadow-and-cinders Station to Station Crosswalk Jeanne Liotta, USA, 2010, 19m. Servants of Mercy Fern Silva, Portugal/USA, 2010, 14m. Rite of Spring (Acto de Primavera) Manoel de Oliveira, Portugal, 1963, 99m Print courtesy of Cinemateca Portuguesa-Museu do Cinema, presented in cooperation with the Museum of Modern Art. Total running time: 132m Sat Oct 2: 2:30 http://www.filmlinc.com/nyff/2010/views-from-the-avant-garde-station-to-station Visibility Unknown Only to those deprived of the powers of compartmentalization, the world comes unique, incomparable, beyond confusion, always surpassing. A magnetic world where even when nothing of it remains it is again felt in its dense absence.—Henri Michaux The Flight of Tulugaq (O Voo de Tulugaq) André Guerreiro Lopes, Brazil, 2010, 8m. New Year Sun Jonathan Schwartz, USA, 2010, 3m. Trypps #7 (Badlands) Ben Russell, USA, 2010, 9.30m. Burning Bush Vincent Grenier, USA, 2010, 9.5m Materia Obscura part one Jürgen Reble, Germany, 2010, 11.29m. a loft Ken Jacobs, USA, 2010, 16m. Mamori Karl Lemieux, Canada, 2010, 7.44m. Union Paul Clipson, USA, 2010, 15m. Parties visible et invisible d’un ensemble sous tension Emmanuel Lefrant, France, 2009, 7m. Drifter Timoleon Wilkins, USA, 1996-2010, 26m. Total running time: 112m. Sat Oct 2: 5:30 http://www.filmlinc.com/nyff/2010/views-from-the-avant-garde-visibility-unknown Since You Were Here … Dust Studies Michael Gitlin, USA, 2010, 9m. Washes Norbert Shieh, USA, 2010, 8.40m. Get Out of the Car Thom Andersen, USA, 2010, 34m. Recámara Rosario Sotelo, USA, 2010, 3m. Cry When it Happens (Llora cuando te pase) Laida Lertxundi, USA, 2010, 14m. Night Shift Gretchen Skogerson, USA, 2010, 5m. Future So Bright Matt McCormick, USA, 2010, 30m. Total running time: 106m. Sat Oct 2: 8:15 http://www.filmlinc.com/nyff/2010/views-from-the-avant-garde-saturday-october-2/views-from-the-avant-garde-since-you-were-here Night Gallery – Turn on the High Beams I Two projection performances Untitled Galaxy Paul Clipson & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, 2010, 30m. FIST I – IMPROPER FRICTIONS Bruce McClure, 2010, approx 30m Sat Oct 2: 10:30pm in the Furman Gallery Sunday October 3 Sea Scrolls He belonged to the far foreign departure of his vessel and was part of it. Part of the speculum of fire on its prow, its symbol, whatever it was, Part of the glass-like sides on which it glided over the salt stained water, As he traveled alone like a man lured on by a syllable without any meaning A syllable of which he felt with appointed sureness, That it contained the meaning into which he wanted to enter, A meaning which as he entered would shatter the boat and leave the oarsmen quiet… —Wallace Stevens Atlantis Pieter Geenen, China/Belgium, 2008, 11.18m. Dining Cars Arianne Olthaar, Netherlands, 2009, 15.5m. Sea Series #7: Naufrage aux îles de Madeleine John Price, Canada, 2010, 3.39m. Atlantiques Mati Diop, Senegal/France, 2009, 11m. Distance Julie Murray, USA, 2010, 12m. Travelogue Vincent Grenier, USA, 2010, 8.8m. Shrimp Boat Log David Gatten, USA, 2010, 6m. blue mantle Rebecca Meyers, USA, 2010, 34m. Total running time: 104m. Sun Oct 3: 12:00 Landing on the Edge Film is much spoken of as a way to teach, and not enough as a way to learn. Much of what I have learned- both what I value and what I have not yet learned to value- I have learned from film, which is to say, from it’s makers. What we try to learn, all our lives, is how to live. The last time I saw my grandmother, she said to me: we just barely learn how to live, and then we are ready to die. Then she cried a little. I wanted to cry too, but I couldn’t. I hadn’t learned how. From Mental Notes – Hollis Frampton Place for Landing Shambhavi Kaul, USA, 2010, 6m. Hearts are Trump Again Dani Leventhal, USA, 2010, 14m. Ray’s Birds Deborah Stratman, USA, 2010, 7m. In the Absence of Light, Darkness Prevails Fern Silva, Brazil/USA, 2010, 13m. Slave Ship T. Marie, USA, 2010, 4m. Someone Should Be Happy Here April Simmons, USA, 2010, 5m. THE HUNCH THAT CAUSED THE WINNING STREAK AND FOUGHT THE DOLDRUMS MIGHTILY Stephanie Barber, USA, 2010, 2m. razor’s edge Stephanie Barber and Xav LePlae, USA, 2010, 44m. Total running time: 97m Sun Oct 3: 2:30 http://www.filmlinc.com/nyff/2010/views-from-the-avant-garde-sunday-october-3/views-from-the-avant-garde-landing-on-the-edge Séance Presentiments are strange things! And so are sympathies; and so are signs, and the three combined make one mystery to which humanity has not yet found the key. —Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre bust chance Stephanie Barber, USA, 2010, 7m. Love Rose Bobby Abate, USA, 2010, 13.7m. Kindless Villain Janie Geiser, USA, 2010, 5m. So Sure of Nowhere Buying Times to Come David Gatten, USA, 2010, 9m. April Snow Lewis Klahr, USA, 2010, 10m. Facts Told at Retail (after Henry James) Erin Espelie, USA, 2010, 7m. Ghost Algebra Janie Geiser, USA, 2009, 7.5m. Tokyo-Ebisu Tomonari Nishikawa, Japan, 2010, 5m. Possessed Fred Worden, USA, 2010, 8m. These Hammers Don’t Hurt Us Michael Robinson, USA, 2010, 13m. Total running time: 84.5m Sun Oct 3: 4:30 http://www.filmlinc.com/nyff/2010/views-from-the-avant-garde-sunday-october-3/views-from-the-avant-garde-sea-scrolls Song Cycle Our hands full or not the same abundance our eyes open or shut the same light —Yves Bonnefoy What was that noise? A badly framed question. One ought to say, “Where do the silences come from?” —Raul Ruiz Pastourelle Nathaniel Dorsky, USA, 2010, 16.5m. Ouverture Christopher Becks, Canada/France, 2010, 5m. The Suppliant Robert Beavers, USA/Switzerland, 2010, 5m. Hanging upside down in the branches Ute Aurand, Germany, 2009, 15m. Film for Invisible Ink, case no. 323: ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST David Gatten, USA, 2010, 20m. In a Year with 13 Deaths Jonathan Schwartz, USA, 2008, 3m. One Eve Heller, USA/Austria, 2010, 4m. Shibuya-Tokyo Tomonari Nishikawa, Japan, 2010, 10m. Beneath Your Skin of Deep Hollow Malena Szlam, Chile/Canada,2010, 3m. Gesturings Peter Herwitz, USA, 2010, 5m. Day Dream Jim Jennings, USA, 2010, 7m. Total running time: 93.5m Sun Oct 3: 6:30 Fatal Attractions: An Introduction to Black and White Magic The battlefield is covered with flowers, the garden with blood and thorns. Stars fall and leave craters where fish will swim, crickets sound near the lip. A dark cloud hangs in the sky like Judas, forsaken, fulfilled. The moon is still our moon but the sun is not the sun. Animals gather from jungles and farms to reenact the history of the world and bury it in the dirt. Your story skips, the spell broken, as a timeline that unravels, a film that tears. It leaves a ring of pollen, not to be inhaled. We miss the green flash when our attention drifts, closing our eyes to savor the lateness of its arrival. We miss everything and double over laughing. We walk back home. —Theresa Grey, The Gospels of Apology These Blaezing Starrs Deborah Stratman, USA, 2010, 14.4m. Tranquility Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Austria, 2010, 6.30m. To Another J.B. Mabe, USA, 2010, 48sec. Sugar Slim Says Lewis Klahr, USA, 2010, 7m. Sorry Luther Price, USA, 2010, 14m. Shutter Alexi Manis, Canada, 2009, 7m. The Floor of the World Janie Geiser, USA, 2010, 9m. Toads Milena Gierke, Germany, 1997/2008, 6m. Pigs Pawel Wojtasik, U.S., 2010, 7.45m. Shadow Cuts Martin Arnold, Austria, 2010, 4m. Coming Attractions Peter Tscherkassky, Austria, 2010, 23.40m. Total running time: 106.5m Sun Oct 3: 8:30 Night Gallery – Turn on the High Beams II two projection performances Crescent Paul Clipson, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma & Jonas Asher (Grasslung), 2010, 30m. FIST II – INTO A SOTSPOT Bruce McClure, 2010, approx 30m. Sun Oct 3: 10:30pm in the Furman Gallery

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