[Frameworks] MICROSCOPE Gallery Event Series opens this weekend - 3 screenings

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Date: Wed Sep 22 2010 - 09:53:37 PDT

I am posting here as we regrettably missed the deadline for the "this
week..." listings.

MICROSCOPE Gallery, a new space dedicated to presenting works by film,
video, sound and other time-based artists, launches its Event Series this
weekend with screenings on Saturday, Sunday and Monday Nights at 7PM.

We are pleased to present as the first artist in the series: oscilliscope
and sound wizard, *Ray Sweeten, this Saturday 9/25 at 7PM. *Sweeten will be
showing new or seldom seen works, much of it usually materials created
during his residency at the Experimental Television Center (ETC). He will
also present a new live oscilloscope/audio improvisational performance. If
you don't know Sweeten's work, his work is beautiful and transcends the

Then on *Sunday, 9/26 at 7PM *we screen the intensely intimate video works
of Stephen Dwoskin in collaboration with Lux London. The show features
Dwoskins 33 minute "nightvision" series Nightshots 1,2,3. and the *US
PREMIER* of his 60 minute "The Sun and The Moon". The Dwoskin program
repeats Monday 9.27 at 7PM.

more info below & at www.microscopegallery.com

*Ray Sweeten - Saturday. 9.25 - 7pm*
*artist will be present, admission - $8*

videos & live oscilloscope/audio performance
 approximately 60 minute program

 Ray Sweeten will be presenting material produced in residency at the
Experimental Television Center, followed by live oscilloscope/audio
improvisation. Most of Sweeten's videos are driven by actual audio sources
in varying degrees of abstraction. Video Feedback is driven by Sine Wave
oscillators. Live, two-channel audio is fed into the X-Y input of an
oscilloscope, creating realtime Lissajous patterns.

*Short Bio
Composer and software developer, working in the intersection between image
and sound using a hybrid of digital and analog media. He has produced work
for Michael Galasso and Rober Wilson, Sesame Street, Experimental
Television, Harvestworks. Sweeten has performed and screened work at The
Kitchen, PS1, NY Underground Film Festival, San Fransisco Electronic Music
Festival, CinemaTexas, The Stone, Liverpool Biennial, Aurora Picture Show,
Lux Spain, and has held youth workshops for electronic music at Community
Musicworks (RI), Vibe Songmakers (NY), and The Guggenheim Museum (NY).*

*Stephen Dworskin - Sunday, 9.26 - 7pm, program repeats Monday 9.27 - 7pm*
admission both nights - $6
93 minute program w/ 10 minute intermission
*2006-2007, b/w, sound, 33 minutes*
Shot using the 'night vision' function of a digital video camera, these
films deal with one person's perspective on sexuality. with the visual
distortion and off-kilter color balance of the low-light camera adding to
the film's unique point of view. NIGHTSHOTS 1,2,3 was screened in
competition at the 2007 Rotterdam International Film Festival. "The first
three in a series of intriguing personal and erotic relationships, exploring
in the intimacy of darkness, and transformed by the colour play of the night
light." SD

10 minute intermission

*The Sun and the Moon*
*2007, color, sound 60 minutes*
*"*'The Sun and the Moon', a film fairy tale, is about two women's
terrifying encounter with 'Otherness' in the form of a man, abject and
monstrous, and for them to either to witness, accept or partake in his
annihilation. All are caught in their own isolation and are fearful of the
menace that has to be met. The film, as a personal interpretation of Beauty
and the Beast, enciphers concerns, beliefs and desires in seductive images
that are themselves a form of camouflage, making it possible to utter harsh
truths." SD

*Short Bio*
Stephen Dwoskin was born in 1939 In Brooklyn, NY into an immigrant family
originally from Odessa. He contracted polio at the age of 7 and was left
disabled. After studying art (under professors de Kooning and Albers) he
attended NYU and Parson's Design and was a regular in Greenwich Village with
the likes of Andy Warhol, Allen Ginsberg, and Robert Frank. He discovered
experimental cinema alongside Maya Deren and was influenced by the
transgressive cinema of Jack Smith and Ron Rice. He later published the book
"Film Is...", on this genre in a highly personal and activist style.

 *MICROSCOPE Gallery *
4 Charles Place (intersection Myrtle & Willoughby)
Bushwick, Brooklyn
gallery hours Thurs-Mon. 1 - 6PM

J/M/Z Myrtle Ave/Broadway
L - Morgan Ave or Jefferson Street
G to Broadway/Union walk 1 block to J/M Lorimer St/Broadway
B54 Myrtle Ave Bus

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