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Date: Mon Sep 20 2010 - 07:25:27 PDT

Directors Lounge presents:

The Destructive Power of Happiness
Video and Film Works by
Riccardo Iacono
Thursday, 23 September 2010

Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

Riccardo Iacono
The Destructive Power of Happiness

Riccardo Iacono, London-based artist and
filmmaker, presents a selection of films and
video from three different bodies of work:
abstract videos, hand-painted films and
performance tapes (produced between 1993-2007).

"I like the destructive power of fire", a friend
stated to Riccardo. It became the source for the
title of the show in Berlin. Riccardo's fire
might be his anarchistic disposition to destroy
static concepts. However, he does not avoid the
pains, the exhaustive efforts it takes to make
art from "happiness".

In his process of working with film, the painted
film became the silent musical score for the
making, the re-photographing of the film. By
means of an optical printer, he developed a way
to have light reflected from the 3-dimensional
surface of the paint, while at the same time
still illuminating it from the backside. Although
such animation techniques usually are tedious
work, Riccardo already tried to achieve some
immediacy while printing film to film. This urge
for directness, and a need for improvisation and
contact with people have possibly let to his more
recent body of work: "Shooqui". The whole series
of videos, which involves throwing peas or
clothes, is the opposite of camera-less film. The
artist holds the camera, aiming and tracking the
prospective trajectory of the object being thrown
by his other hand. The body connection between
holding and throwing leads to a compulsive and
circular movement of the camera when throwing
larger objects. "It is almost like the recoil
action of a gun upon firing."
(Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr)

From Memory 1994-2003 16mm, colour silent 15.00
Open 1994/2003 16mm optical sound 2.30
Fuzzy Lover 2003 16mm B/W silent 2.10
Pea Video 2006 DV colour Stereo 2.00
More Light 2004 DV colour Stereo 4.55
Recess 2007 DV colour stereo 1:00
P-Sample 1 2006 DV colour Stereo 2:45
Play 2001 DV colour stereo 3:50
The Electric Garden 2004 DV colour Stereo 5.55
Radiator 1994 DV colour stereo 4:15
Roadside Mix 2006 DV Colour stereo 1:31
Cold Tape 2000 DV colour stereo 1.11
Kinky 2006 DV Colour stereo 1:45
Walk 2001 DV Colour stereo 3:30
A Lecture In Throwing A Pea 2006 DV colour Stereo 1.00
Universe Energies Sustain Us 2002 DV colour Stereo 14.00
Elephant 2007 DV colour Stereo 7:30


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