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From: Pierce, Greg (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Sep 18 2010 - 20:27:00 PDT

Hello, Connie.
Please let Megan know that I would be interested in the 11 sound super 8 rolls from '97.
Let me know. Thanks.
Greg Pierce
The Orgone Archive
Pittsburgh 13, Penna.


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Subject: [Frameworks] Kodachrome in Milwaukee

Dear Frameworkers,

Passing this along from a collaborator.

        I did a lil side job this summer which involves cleaning out a fridge full of super8 film and a camera collection to sell. $7/roll. I will put it on ebay if none of you wanna call dibs. In the lot are the following:
        30 rolls of Kodachrome 40 Super8 film. It's the sound kind but really who will utilize that?
        1 roll expired in 1987
        8 rolls expired in 1998
        11 rolls expired in 1997
        They have all been vigilantly refrigerated since the date of purchase. Seriously, this lady is intense like that.
        If you live under a rock and don't know, Dwayne's (the last place left on earth to process this stuff) will discontinue doing so at the end of December 2010.
        Email me at email suppressed if you're interested in the whole thing or part. Local buys in Milwaukee and/or request for the entire package get preference.
        Happy filmmaking,
        Megan Hessenthaler

Unrelated, I've got a projector lamp bulb I'm trying to pass off in Brooklyn ($70). Here's the specs if interested: EZM GE MARC 300/16 PROJECTOR LAMP BULB 300 WATTS 37.5V

All the best,
Connie Colvin

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