Re: [Frameworks] need help with dual 16mm projection

From: Steve Polta (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Sep 18 2010 - 14:45:14 PDT

This issue has been discussed here before and as far as I know nothing very conclusive has come from it, i.e. no real solution has ever really materialized.

Quite a while ago I was interested in this and tried it out. I was using Super-8, for the record. The problem is obviously that your projector will not run at exactly the same speed, the result being that, if the second projector is faster, the slack distance between gets shorter and shorter until the film snaps; if the first projector is faster, the slack builds up until you have a pile of film between the projectors. The trick is indeed to use projectors with rheostats (i.e. speed control knobs). This is part of the reason I was using Super-8: the Elmo projectors I possess have such knobs, which subtly increase the speed in the range of 1-2 fps. My biggest problem was confusing the projectors—i.e. turning one up when it should have gone down, etc.—but this seems easy to correct with practice.

Ultimately I just abandoned this work so I have nothing to show for it. I think it could be potentially very interesting so I encourage others to pursue this. I can't say I've seen such knobs on portable 16mm projectors (but they may exist) but modification is always a possibility. As precedence, I've heard of a Sharits work which may have done this; also some early Luis Recorder pieces ran the same film through the same projector twice (looped over itself) and were very interesting.

Good luck!

Steve Polta

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