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*In 1971, the Festival du nouveau cinéma (Montreal) was originally created
as the « Festival international du film en 16mm ». 16mm was from the start
the format of choice for cinema experimentation – something this young
festival wished to support.*

*The FNC Lab is a meeting place for dialogue among the most out-there
experimental offerings. Artists and thinkers question and reinvent the idea
of the screen, deconstruct images, reappropriate media and pay tribute to
the many hidden sides of cinema, juggling the homemade and the conceptual,
the medium and the message, film stock and pixels. Not to be missed :

*Here is an overview of this year’s experimental film program*

* *

*Feature films & retrospectives


* FREE RADICALS by Pip Chodorov*

* (World premiere)*

Fascinating documentary about of the avant-garde. Revealing portraits of the
defining artists and filmmakers of the movement and an excellent
introduction to experimental film (with *Len Lye, Jonas Mekas, Robert Breer,
Stan Brakhage, Hans Richter, Maurice Lemaître, Peter Kubelka*).

· *DATA* *by Dominic Gagnon***

Manifesto, documentary, pamphlet, a call for desobedience DATA attacks
institutions, without claiming their abolition, discusses freedom rather
than liberation, proposes autonomy, but without separation.

* *

· *ERIE by Kevin Jerome Everson*

A series of single take shots in and around communities near Lake Erie. The
scenes relate to a Black migration in the USA, contemporary conditions,
folks concentrating on the task at hand, theater and famous art objects. *Will
present his work at our FNC Lab Symposium **on** Sunday October 17th**.*

· *JEONJU DIGITAL PROJECT 2009 **(James Benning, Denis Côté, Matías
Piñeiro) **

Each year since 2000, three internationally acclaimed filmmakers chosen for
their ability in pushing the limits of cinema have been asked to direct a
film with digital means. PIG IRON (James Benning), LES LIGNES ENNEMIES,
(Denis Côté), ROSALINDA (Matías Piñeiro)


* *

· *The world according to Marie Losier (2 short film programs)*

For more than 10 years now, Marie Losier has shared with us her art, her
passion, her irony, all along staying inventive and madly inspiring. She has
evolved in the underground scene, with such artists as Georges Kuchar, Tony
Conrad, Guy Maddin, April March et P-Orridge Genesis.. *Sunday October 17th,
**she will talk about these various collaborations**, and about the
development of her work between New York and France during the FNC Lab

· *Double Negative presents « **Chick Strand : Senses and
Sensibilities **»** (2 short film programs*)

Chick Strand, who died at age 77 in 2009, is one of the most important
figures in U.S. experimental and poetic filmmaking. Strand also co-founded
Canyon Cinema in the early 1960s.

*Four short film programs with :*

- *COMING ATTRACTIONS, *the latest film by the austrian master *Peter

- *Barbara Meter *(LOUTRON)* *

- *Rober Todd *(GOLDEN HOUR)**

- *Ben Rivers *(I KNOW WHERE I’M GOING)**

- *Solomon Nagler *(BLACK SALT WATER ELEGY) **

- *Guy Maddin *(LITTLE WHITE CLOUD)* *

- *Vincent Grenier* (BURNING BUSH)**

- *Nicolas Provost *(STORYTELLER)

- *Bill Morrison *(RELEASE)

- *Martin Arnold *(SHADOW CUTS)

- Outstanding work by filmmakers from Quebec (Canada) : *Karl Lemieux
* (MAMORI), *Félix Dufour-Laperrière* (STRIPS), *Etienne de Massy* (LE
ROCHER), *Alexandre Larose* (VILLE MARIE), *Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre* (THE
SAPPORO PROJECT*), Chris Lavis et Maciek Szcerbowski* (L’ANNÉE DE
L’OS), *D.Kimm
et Brigitte Henry* (MLLE CLARA DOMPTEUSE DE LAPINS), *Philippe
*Marianna Milhorat* (L’INTERNATIONALE, winner of the Chicago Underground
Film Festival).


* *


*Agora du Cœur des Sciences de l’UQÀM (175 ave. President Kennedy,

*Sunday October 17th, 4pm*

*The FNC Lab Symposium, is an afternoon dedicated to conferences,
discussions and artist talks with filmmakers (MARIE LOSIER, ALEXANDRE
LAROSE, KEVIN JEROME EVERSON), as well as an artist and researcher in
digital art (CHRISTOPHER SALTER).*

* *


* *

*For more information : www.nouveaucinema.ca
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/FNC-Lab/140669232641739?ref=ts*

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