[Frameworks] Exploration of water as a physical active component within Expanded Cinema

From: jennifer cadger (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Sep 07 2010 - 23:39:31 PDT


remember seeing a TV programme about Antony Gormley’s Blind light which showed
the whole installation process, very interesting. However I think this would be
classed as paracinema. Which is another interesting topic but I only have to do
one dissertation! However the little
grey cells are filing this information just in case I manage to move on to do
my MA! Jen


Found Daniel Barrow’s web site very interesting in
particular “Snowglobe,

When I was experimenting last term with the OHP I
was very disappointed when I put beads onto the OHP as the colour on the OHP
was amazing but about 95% of them when projected onto the wall only showed
shadow. I still however experimented with them in a bowl of water with the
water pump in. That was until my water pump stopped working because I had put
in seed beads not realising that they would be able to pass the water pumps
filter and stop it working! Just glad it
didn’t blow up! Jen

Thanks Steve,

In that case I owe Gary and apology,

The great thing is Steve, that I have access at my University
to the “The Electronic
& Digital Art Unit (EDAU); “The collection, which
is the second largest of its kind in the UK, comprises of over 1,700 historical
and contemporary film and video works by more than 500 of the most significant
international artists working with the moving image.”

At this early point in my research this is very
much a trawling exercise, I am using Frameworks to find artist that I am
interested in and that relate to my topic so I can then go the EDAU and be
specific in my requests for further information.

I have been looking on line at all the artists
mentioned, including Bill Viola, but for some reason I didn’t pick up on the piece
you have mentioned which is called “The Sleepers (1992). I will look further at
Recorder, couldn’t find anything on line relating to Al Wong, and found some
stuff about “The Slit Collective”


Found “Scratch Book by Jean-Damien
Collin” which has information on Gilles

Royannais, and just hope the EDAU has a copy. Only found
flyers (so far) for Christophe Goulard’s “Coloribus “,
will need to research further.

Thanks for allowing me to Cite from FrameWorks. All
Universities are very strict these days regarding plagiarism (as they should
be). I have to cite using Harvard referencing system and found a great add-on
to Mozilla Firefox called “zotero” that makes citing and bibliography so, soooo
much easier.

I will also contact everyone I would like to cite off
list to ask their permission.

Thanks Jen

Hi Dinorah,

Sorry no links as yet! But I have to do a 15 minute
power point of my work this term so when I do that I will set up a web site and
up load my dissertation when it’s done then you will be able to cite me!

I love the idea of watching your work from a boat. I worked on a barge on the Forth and Clyde Canal
“craft daft (on a raft)” many years ago and loved the gentle sound of the water
lapping against the boat, unfortunately due to the Scottish climate the winter
was not so good sitting in a steel hulled boat when the canal is frozen!

I will certainly let you know if I cite you. I start back University next Thursday and I
believe my dissertation has to be done for Xmas? I will find out on Thursday so
I’ve got a couple of months of research ahead of me! However I am feeling quietly
confident about the subject I have chosen the availability of research material
I can access and FrameWorks is already an invaluable asset with regard to my dissertation
and my studio practice. Jen


I couldn’t see through the mist of my tears

and it helps if you put your reading glasses on!


Re; Keith Evans and The Slit Collective. Have
learnt more from you and Steven than I have been able to find online! Maybe to
EDAU will have some more info. Jen


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