[Frameworks] Andrew Lampert performances tomorrow and next week at PS1

From: Ed Halter (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Sep 03 2010 - 12:06:41 PDT

Greater New York Cinema
22-25 Jackson Ave at the intersection of 46th Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101

*Andrew Lampert*
Films and Performances
September 4 and 11
Saturday, September 4th @ 3pm:
Dear PS1,
What is it they say? Autumn means turning a new leaf, a time to move on.
Gazing back and looking forward, it strikes me that right now is a fine
occasion to retire some of my more recent pieces. But before shelving these
little films, it’d be a shame not to give you one last opportunity to miss
them. Today’s show features two recent-ish Super 8 pieces for solo projector
“contracted cinema” performance. These intimate movies must be performed
live in order to be seen. My projector, my films, me and you. That’s all we
really need.

*JACKA SPADES *(2009, 34 minutes, Super 8)
Steve Dalachinsky, with the aid of Yuko Otomo and cinematographer Andrew
Lampert, is offered the chance to direct his dream film. This is not that,
but rather the result of what they shot that day presented in real time as
they filmed it. In the end, this is always what the film was supposed to be;
what Steve wanted is another story heard on the soundtrack of the images
gathered within.
“I think I always wanted to be the actor, not the director.” – Steve
Dalachinsky from the soundtrack.

*AM I FROM BROOKLYN?* (2010, 24 minutes, Super 8).
A tour-guided journey through a few Brooklyn neighborhoods known and unknown
to the filmmaker. First performed at The Poetry Project on April 23, 2010.

PLUS…other surprise films!
AND…Steve Dalachinsky and Yuko Otomo will each read a couple poems!
BUT WAIT… a mindboggling short film from the *SEE *series by Eugene Castle!
DON’T FORGET...there will be door prizes!

- - - - - -
*Saturday, September 11th @ 3pm:
Today’s show features a few groupings of all new works now seeing the light
of the screen. Herein is space and time, approached from numerous angles,
encompassing friends, colleagues, ancestors and unknowns. The present
doesn’t pause, it moves faster with each blink.

*Are These Dance Films?*:
*BUFFON MOVEMENT ACADEMY* (2010, 3.5 minutes, Super 8, music by Louis T.
*IRINA IN A GROOVE* (2010, 6 minutes, Super 8)

Caroline & Madeline, Together:
*2010, 9 minutes, video
Caroline Golum auditions to play my great great great great great Aunt in
late 1700s. Siberia.

*2010, 9 minutes, video
Madeline Quinn gets the role of a lifetime, Gunilla, a wicked Swedish
warrior with demented desires and a plan for domination.

*2010, 12 minutes, 16mm on video
Caroline and Madeline star in this all-inclusive attempt to make a student

*2010, 5.5 minutes, video
Madeline elaborates upon the circumstances surrounding her arrival in NYC,
and much more.

*2010, 4 minutes, Super 8
Starring Leila Hekmat. For adults only.

*2010, 3.5 minutes, Super 8
Precious moments set to music, made sappier.

*2010, approx 12 minutes, X2 Super 8
DOUBLE TROUBLE is the aptly named duo of Andrew Lampert and Fern Silva.
Today features the stereo-vision premiere of a brand new double projection
piece. Not much else to say.

PLUS… another incredible short film from the *SEE* series by Eugene Castle!
AND… yet more surprises!
BUT WAIT…even better door prizes!

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