[Frameworks] PROMO: A History of Swedish Experimental Film Culture

From: John Sundholm (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Aug 31 2010 - 23:40:26 PDT

Dear Frameworkers,

Our book on Swedish Experimental Cinema is finally published and available
through John Libbey. For details please check below,

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A History of Swedish Experimental Film Culture
>From Early Animation to Video Art
By: Astrid Söderbergh Widding
John Sundholm
Lars Gustaf Andersson
Publication date: 2010

Total pages: 248

ISBN: 9780 86196 699 8

Price: £ 22.50

A History of Swedish Experimental Film Culture: From Early Animation
      to Video Art is the first scholarly book to be published on the
      history of Swedish experimental film. It represents the result of a
      research project funded by the Swedish Research Council in
      The study depicts not only the history of Swedish experimental film

      its institutions, filmmakers and films – but also considers this
      in relation to larger socio-cultural contexts and international
Copublished with The National Library of Sweden
1. “The Writing of a History of Swedish Experimental Film” deals with
      the theoretical and historiographical aspects of writing a national
      history of experimental film culture.

2. “Swedish Experimental Film until the 1950s” covers the early years
      from early animation and cine-clubs to major figures such as Viking
      Eggeling and Rune Hagberg.

3. “The Emergence of Experimental Film” presents two vibrant contexts
      for Swedish experimental film culture, The Independent Film Group and
      the film art scene that was connected with Moderna Museet and its
      versatile director Pontus Hultén.

4. “The Art Movements of the 1960s” describes different avant-garde
      venues in Sweden and their transnational trajectories ranging from
      regional Fluxus-groups to E.A.T. in New York.

5. “The Extension of Independent Film Production” covers the birth of
      new institutions for filmmaking and depicts their role in the
      of artists such as Öyvind Fahlström, Leo Reis, Bo Jonsson, Åke
      Olle Hedman and Gunvor Nelson.

6. “The Expanded Field of the Experimental Moving Image” describes the
      introduction of video in Sweden and how an expanded experimental
      image culture has affected Swedish experimental film culture.
Lars Gustaf Andersson is Associate Professor in Film Studies at
      Lund University.
John Sundholm is Associate Professor in Film
      Studies at Karlstad University.
Astrid Söderbergh Widding
      is Professor of Cinema Studies at Stockholm University.

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