[Frameworks] 35mm project in NYC for sale

From: Steve HOLMGREN (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Aug 31 2010 - 10:23:39 PDT

Hey all,

I work for a nonprofit microcinema showcasing documentary and
experimental cinema in Williamsburg, Brooklyn called UnionDocs. We
recently acquired a 35mm and 16mm projector set which we aren't able
to accommodate in our space. We are looking to sell them to the right
home at a fair price. They haven't been used in the past few months,
but we had them inspected by a professional who has verified they are
in working order. More info below, write to:
email suppressed with questions or interest. thanks!

Available for sale: two slim, high end Kineton Projectors:

One 35 mm Kineton projector. Measures 5.5' high, 15" deep, 16" wide.
Xenon lamp housing. Beige metal, prime condition.
One 16mm Kineton projector. measures 5.5' high, 18 deep, 13" wide.
Xenon lamp housing w/ Xenon Cinelux MC 1.8/50mm Isco lens. Beige
metal, prime condition. Reel span (depth) for each projectors is
approximately four feet. and One Magnatek recorder/reproducer. 6.5'
high, 27" wide, 16" deep. Grey metal. Works either with 16 mm or 35 mm
gauge. Excellent condition.

Black electric AC conversion generators & aluminum metal boxes for
installing and running projectors.

Price Paid: $5K each

These are the same projectors used at the Whitney, MoMA and other art
house cinemas. The 35mm can be upgraded by the addition of plates, so
that you can show features.

The projectors were originally owned by J. Walter Thompson, Mad Ave.
They used them for projection of rushes and first run ads, and private
screenings. The projectors were, as they are in universites/museums,
housed in a separate projection room behind the theater, About 10
years ago, they went digital. I was in the market for projectors and I
happened to be first at the door, and paid cash (a token- they were
purchased new in the early 1990s for $70,000K each by J Walter) for
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