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From: Stoffel Debuysere (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Aug 27 2010 - 07:57:54 PDT

Hi all,

For those of you who happen to be in Brussels in the coming weeks and
months: Courtisane has two events lined up, one with a screening-
performance of Paul Clipson's films (+ live soundtrack by Ignatz &
Paul Labrecque), the other with a screening of video works by Mohamed
Bourouissa, Olivia Rochette & Gerard-Jan Claes, Ruti Sela & Maayan
Amir and Shelly Silver. Welcome !

Paul Clipson Films + Live soundtrack by Ignatz & Paul Labrecque
25 September 2010, 20:00. Palais des Beaux-Arts / Paleis voor Schone
Kunsten, Brussels. Organized by Courtisane & Bozar Cinema.

The elegantly ravishing super 8 films of Paul Clipson (US) are lyrical
explorations of light and movement. His images, mostly edited in-
camera, reveal the rhythms, energy and sensuality of the everyday that
we often fail to see. The influence... of experimental filmmakers such
as Stan Brakhage, Marie Menken, Bruce Conner and Bruce Baillie is
palpable in his multi-layered studies, as well as that of the many
sound artists and musicians with whom he has collaborated over the
years, such as Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Gregg Kowalsky and William Fowler
Collins. For this occasion, a selection of his recent film work will
be accompanied live for the first time by Bram Devens (alias Ignatz,
BE) and Paul Labrecque (alias Head of Wantastiquet, Sunburned Hand of
the Man, US). Both musicians draw their exorcising sound explorations
from the tradition of “American Primitivism”, where the dreaded,
uncompromising ghost of John Fahey dwells.

Screening programme 'Here We Are Now'
13 October 2010, 21:00. Beursschouwburg, Brussels.
Fundraising event, including food & drinks on sale, and Courtisane DJs
to dance the night away. Come support Courtisane!

To what extent can we still make a difference between “public” and
“private”? According to philosopher Jean Baudrillard, “the one is no
longer a spectacle, the other no longer a secret”. Now that the most
intimate details of our lives are thoughtlessly shared on the internet
and the media, in order to feed an endless, compulsive loop of
information, participation and circulation, it seems like ever more
constraints and obstacles are being annulled. Surrounded and obsessed
by a world of images, overcome by a gnawing insecurity, we submit
ourselves to a regime of ultimate visibility. We are well aware of
being seen, followed and remembered, but that is precisely what pushes
us to all kinds of forms of disclosure, confession and
“selfploitation”. The mediatised gaze of the other, at the same time
disturbing and stimulating in its elusiveness and omnipresence, has
become the paramount point of reference for our obsessive search for
identity and belonging. We show ourselves in order to become
ourselves, while we irrevocably disappear behind our images. The
uncanny transit zone where intimacy merges into transparency is the
central theme of this programme. Four recent video works, each in
their own way, explore the contemporary conjunction of media and
subjectivity, in which it seems no longer possible to maintain an
unequivocal relationship between watching and showing, subject and
object, seeing and being seen.
With works by Mohamed Bourouissa, Olivia Rochette & Gerard-Jan Claes,
Ruti Sela & Maayan Amir, Shelly Silver

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