Re: [Frameworks] projector question

From: Paul Krimmer (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Aug 18 2010 - 05:02:27 PDT

hey anja. I can do this on 16 and 35 (even on 8 with a bolex ds8 with
400ft magazine). I wrote you a message.
For all others who might be interested in the future, i´ve built a
solution with a crass tricktable with 35mm Animationcamera + 16mm Bolex
(+animationmotor) which is synchronized to a Lacie 730 (wide gamut 125%
adobe rgb 2560x1600). You can see the machine on
good light, Paul

anja ross schrieb:
> *Hello all,*
> *Another Request. Do you know a company here in Berlin, which can
> sponsor in a way: in order to bring DV Mini material (video sequence)
> on 35 mm filmor better on 16 mm. I have one video piece which I
> created 2001 and it takes ca.1 min and needs a physical material
> because in a way it comes from sculpture thinking! Thanks for help!
> And it might beautyful! And it haas sound!*
> **
> *Anja Christine ROSS, Berlin
> *
> 2010/8/18 Christopher Harris <email suppressed
> <mailto:email suppressed>>
> Hello all,
> I very recently bought an Elmo 16 CL DELUXE projector with a 38mm
> lens and I noticed that compared to the Eiki owned by the
> university where I teach the throw is much wider than the Eiki
> with the ISCO 35-65 16MM zoom lens. Both projectors have 200W
> bulbs so I suppose that the difference in brightness comes down to
> the difference between the same lamp focused to a spotlight versus
> flooded. Even with the Elmo switched to "high" brightness its
> much dimmer than the Eiki.
> Any opinions? On or off list is fine by me.
> CH
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