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From: Ken Bawcom (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Aug 17 2010 - 22:05:40 PDT

My favorite PBS, back in the day, was Marshal Ephron's "Great American
Dream Machine." Frenetic social satire, nonfiction. I'd call it auteur

Ken B.

Quoting Ken Paul Rosenthal <email suppressed>:

> As a kid in the late 60'sI thought 'The Electric Company' was the bomb.
> Viewed side by side with 'Sesame Street'I could tell the folks who
> produced 'EC'were putting something different in their breakfast
> cerealeven though I was took young to conceptualize what that
> substance might be.
> Same with 'Gumby'--I swear it was Gumbythat precluded any interest
> as a young adultin hallucinagenic substances.
> Lastly, I was mad for 'Rowan & Martin's Laugh-in'The quick zooms,
> and especially the rapid, non-linear editingwas a radical
> alternative to the status quo.(not to mention Goldie Hawn's tummy).
> Very interesting to look back on these (and other shows)to consider
> the seeds they planted which had no place to blossomuntil we
> discovered 'experimental film' much further down the road.
> Rather difficult to imagine where I'd be--both artistically and
> physically--at this moment had I not seen 'Dog Star Man' presented
> by Stan in personat SFAI back around '87.
> Ken

"Those who would give up essential liberty
to purchase a little temporary safety
deserve neither liberty, nor safety."
Benjamin Franklin 1775

"I know that the hypnotized never lie... Do ya?"
Pete Townshend 1971

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