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From: Ed Inman (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Aug 17 2010 - 21:12:08 PDT

38mm will project a wider angle than usual for classroom type 16mm projectors. The more common focal length lens would be 50mm or 2 inches.
Check to see how clean your lens appears--any scratches, dirt, fungus, etc. will affect the picture.
You might also check the "f" number of the lens. The lower the number the brighter the picture (i.e. an f2 lens would be twice as bright as an f4 lens).

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Hello all,

I very recently bought an Elmo 16 CL DELUXE projector with a 38mm lens and I noticed that compared to the Eiki owned by the university where I teach the throw is much wider than the Eiki with the ISCO 35-65 16MM zoom lens.  Both projectors have 200W bulbs so I suppose that the difference in brightness comes down to the difference between the same lamp focused to a spotlight versus flooded.  Even with the Elmo switched to "high" brightness its much dimmer than the Eiki.

Any opinions?  On or off list is fine by me.


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