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Dear friends,

When Kodak closed their cash-and-carry desk in Paris, they also stopped retail sales of Super-8 film.
We decided to become a reseller, in order to promote Super-8 filmmaking and to offer some of the discounts that Kodak had provided in the past.

You may now order from us all four Super-8 stocks currently in production:

Ektachrome 100D color reversal - 14.20 euros + VAT
Tri-X black and white reversal - 20.00 euros + VAT
200T Vision 3 color negative - 23.40 euros + VAT
500T Vision 3 color negative - 23.40 euros + VAT
(VAT is 19.6% in France. Customers outside Europe do not pay VAT).

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information (email suppressed).

47 rue du Couédic
75014 Paris France
Tel : +33-
Buy Super-8 film here
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