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Coming to mind...i believe rivette's out 1 was originally made for tv viewing as a serial. It is technically not a documentary, but the camera work, for example in the rehearsal sections, blends the line between documentary and fiction very much. at times though, it is formally narrative, so perhaps it won't work for your purposes this time. Anyway, have a nice series!


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Subject: [Frameworks] Avantgarde / "auteur" television - ?

Hello everybody.
I am working on a series on avantgarde / "auteur" television for a documentary film festival in November:
The idea is to present programmes made for television (i.e. "inside the system") by creative/critical minds in various genres within the broad category of "non-fiction". Some key names would be Adam Curtis, Godard/Miéville, Ian Breakwell, Glenn O' Brien, Jaime Davidovich, Robert Gardner, et al.
Any further suggestions are greatly appreciated - especially international programmes from beyond the US / UK, as restricted archival access and language barriers makes international research difficult.
Thank you.
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