[Frameworks] Studio Visits, Collaborative Experiments and Calls for Vegetables!

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Date: Fri Aug 13 2010 - 06:10:52 PDT

Studio Visits, Collaborative Experiments and Calls for Vegetables!
-- Sackville, NewBrunswick - Faucet Media Arts Centre & Struts Gallery --

Artist and curator Kika Thorne will be in Sackville from Tuesday to Sunday
(August 17-22), and filmmaker and curator Gerda Cammaer will be here from
Thursday to Sunday, (August 19-22). There are three ways that you can get
involved with these artists while they are here:

1. Donate some vegetables from your garden
Kika Thorne will be creating inks out of vegetables and silkscreening a
critical essay using these vegetable based inks. The Sackville Community
Garden is kindly donating some vegetables toward her potluck research lab,
however, she will also be needing some other specific food products to
create these inks.
To create these inks she is looking for pre compost, compostables (once
they add the dirt and sticks, it won't work in the food processor to make
the inks). :
 --- Ideally dark vegetable pre-compostable compost matter, and/or
otherwise, fresh food:
 --- 1 floorwashing bucketfull of unsalable berries.
 --- 1 floorwashing bucketfull of fresh beets.
 --- 4 large red cabbages
 --- 12 red onions.
 --- 3 dozen eggs.

2. Sign up for a Studio Visit
Studio Visits with either Kika Thorne and/or Gerda Cammaer: Afternoons of
Friday August 20 and Saturday August 21
local artists who are interested in doing either studio visits sign up
soon, because space is limited.
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3. Participate in Material Research Lab / Potluck Dinners with Kika
Tuesday August 17th, 6-10 pm Potluck bbq. Please bring stuff to eat,
grill, drink, as well as documentation, links etc.
Wednesday August 18th, 6-10pm Vegan Borscht and salad.
Registration is free but limited, so sign up soon: email
(address suppressed)
Material Research Lab 16: Matter
For visiting artist/curator Kika Thorne, Marina Roy's Apartment serves as
an excellent threshold to undo human-centric thought. As an aspect of her
curatorial inquiry, Thorne would like to meet with local artists to discuss
their work and ideas (past and process) through this lens.

We will come together during the late summer over a couple of meals, share
research, images or sounds, and see what can be done based on material
Faucet Media Arts Centre will make its fX facilities open to participants
from Monday to Friday should the need arise. NB. The conversations will not
be recorded.

How do we unlock animals and things from human subjectivity? How do we
express our understanding through and beyond speech? What form of
attention, art, music, do we share to communicate the complexity which is
outside of us, or for that matter, inside?

Animators have long used anthropomorphism to give voice to mute matter.
Marina Roy's Apartment, a 56' collage animation to be screened at outdoors
on the Tantramar marshes next to the Campbell Carriage Factory Museum on
Friday, August 20, is cute, structural and lewd. Her cells are watercolours
of 18th century aristocratic rooms, and within this architecture she brings
the detritus of the West to light, and decay. Her own drawings incorporate
a myriad of sources: ethnographic, zoologic, erotic, commercial and
archival, pre and post photographic. She has delighted many with her
fertile post-human imagination.

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