[Frameworks] "Cherry Kino" Film Lab in Leeds now operational!

From: Cherry Kino (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Aug 10 2010 - 02:37:28 PDT

With delight, avec plaisir, mit Freude, I can announce that the Cherry Kino Lab is now open!!!
At the moment, it's open on the 2nd Friday of every month, from 11am - 6pm. I know this isn't much. But I hope to make it open more often, and it's a start! And if you find yourself in Leeds, please send me an email at: email suppressed and I will do what I can to let you use it!
Based in Leeds, in the UK, the Cherry Kino Lab resources include:


Dark room
LOMO tanks and spirals (for hand-processing of Super 8, 16mm and 35mm)
Photo tanks (for hand-processing Super 8 the rougher way!)
Red safelight
Glass for contact printing
Chemistry for sale
A fridge packed with film for sale
Super 8 cameras
Super 8 projector
Super 8 film viewer
Super 8 CIR splicer, splicing tape and film leader
16mm Beaulieu R16 camera for hire
16mm Steenbeck flatbed editing table (6 plates)
16mm projectors
16mm rewind arms
16mm reels and cores
16mm CIR splicer, splicing tape and film leader
Library of books and magazines on film (including resources on different experimental techniques to try out). You are encouraged to add to this!
DVD library. You are encouraged to add to this too!
Carousel slide projector
Light box and loupe (for DIY viewing of the film frame by frame - though you can also use the Steenbeck for this!)
"Copy Kit" screen for doing transfers to DVD (DIY telecine)
We will have the following items for sale:

Super 8 film stock
Super 8 film reels (to load your film onto)
16mm print film stock
E6 chemistry (for colour reversal processing, or cross-processing)
C41 chemistry (for processing colour negative, or cross-processing colour reversal film)
Black and white developer and fix (for processing b/w neg)
Check out the links below too! There's a blog I update with some resources, and I'm working on a website to put lab resources onto. 
Cherry Kino also runs "MicroLab" workshops and "MicroCinema" screenings, with something happening every month. Please see my other post for information about submitting work for Cherry Kino during the Leeds International Film Festival. 
You can find the blog here: http://www.cherrykino.blogspot.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cherrykinocinema
Twitter: http://twitter.com/cherrykino
Website: coming soon!
x CK (Cherry Kino)

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