[Frameworks] Media 10-10 festival (Belgium, Namur) / experimental section / applications until Aug 30

From: Xavier Garcia Bardon (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Aug 09 2010 - 08:56:33 PDT

Application deadline postponed to August 30...
Please contact me offlist if you want to submit your work, I will
forward your application form (I'm in the selection committee).
All the best,

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Fwd: Media 10-10 Fest (Namur, Belgium) / Experimental section /
applications accepted until Aug 30

MEDIA 10-10
Festival du court métrage de Namur
Namur Short Film Festival
16-20 Nov. 2010

Compétition européenne de cinéma expérimental
European Experimental Competition

For its 32th edition the MEDIA 10-10 Short Film Festival of Namur
(Belgium) opens a new category into its competition. The UVO
(Unidentified Visual Objects) section will be a space open to any kind
of audiovisual experiments, giving an opportunity to present recent
works displaying an original approach. The UVO section is to be
considered as a laboratory for any kind of experiments, a place for
discovery and astonishment, questioning and amazement.

The competition is open to short films and videos with a maximum
duration of 30 minutes, made by film- and video makers from the
European Union (and Switzerland) in 2009 or 2010. A prize of 2,500 eur
will be granted to the winner of the competition.

The application form is to be downloaded here:
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