Re: [Frameworks] K-3 Crystal Sync

From: Rory Brosius (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Aug 05 2010 - 09:59:55 PDT

You may want to try Filmbase in Dublin. It is located at:
Curved Street Building,
Temple Bar,
Dublin 2.Tel: +353 1 679 6716Fax: +353 1 679 6717Email:
Barbara Henkes was the Equipment Manager when I did some work there in 2005. She is very helpful and could either track down a motor or possibly rent you a solid alternative.
Also, you may want to try:
DML House Portobello Harbour 8 Co. DublinD8 Dublin 8, Ireland
I have not read many positive reviews with regards to attitude, but I did not have this issue at all. The place is very small and located on the backside of Portobello College off of Rathmines. The street is Portobello Harbour (left side of street / see address) and the gentleman working there was very helpful. I had a used super 8 with a busted motor and he went to great lengths to try and fix it. Even after a week of searching for a replacement and using three different repair technicians he was unsuccessful. Still, he didn't charge me one Euro for his time and apologized for the trouble. This place can most likely find what you are looking for, you just may have to wait for a bit to get results.
If all else fails, ebay or craigslist may have something.
Hope this helps.
Rory Brosius

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> Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 23:57:04 +0100
> Subject: [Frameworks] K-3 Crystal Sync
> Hi
> I'm looking for a crystal sync motor for the Krasnogorsk-3.
> I'm based in Dublin, Ireland if that helps.
> Thanks
> Michael
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> Michael Higgins
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