[Frameworks] Sulfuric acid is easy to find

From: D. Mark Andrews (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Aug 04 2010 - 22:22:36 PDT

I'm not at my studio for specifics so I'll have to go on memory here, but I
buy my sulfuric acid at my local auto parts store--that part I'm sure of :-)
It is not usually on the shelf, just ask at the counter for battery acid. A
two-pack of 16oz bottles costs around $7. If I recall correctly, the
concentration is either 28 or 30%. I'm sorry that I don't have the specifics
for you, I hope it is on the box. I think you need a 10% solution for BW
reversal processing, but I may be confusing it with another process.

Carefully mix the acid into distilled water NOT the other way around. The
acid will react with the water and generate thermal energy (heat) so make
sure you stir while pouring and only add small amounts of the acid into the
water at a time. With regards to labware, I only mix it in a glass beaker
and use a glass stirring rod to mix. But the acid comes in a plastic bottle
so I'm assuming SOME plastic labware won't melt or react with the acid, but
I'm not an expert on plastic labware so take caution.

BTW, please do wear tightfitting goggles to protect your eyes and double
glove if using surgical type gloves.

If you get the acid on you you'll need to rinse with copious amounts of cold
water. I know, I know, technically the acid will react with the water, but
copious amounts of water will essentially overcome the effect.

If you aren't in a hurry, I can review my notes in my studio on Sunday and
get back to you.

Good luck and let me now how your processing goes.


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