Re: [Frameworks] DVD Thermal Transfer Printer

From: Brook Hinton (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jul 31 2010 - 17:41:44 PDT

Ken, another option is to have someplace like Diskmakers print up
blank DVD-Rs with the artwork already on them. Just go to their short
run link (or whatever its called now) and there will be an option to
print on disks without duplicating the video in their custom quote
generator. Saves a lot of time.

I got really really sick of the rigamarole involve with printing
direct on disk with my epson inkjet, and of the waiting. I went back
to sharpies.

But I pretty much only send out screeners to people who ask directly
for them these days, and try to encourage the rest to let me send them
a URL to preview on the web, unless its a really major piece (and I
haven't done anything that meets my standards for that in a while). I.
Hate. DVDs. And the size of the landfill they end up in.

Brook Hinton

On Sat, Jul 31, 2010 at 12:53 PM, David Tetzlaff <email suppressed> wrote:
>> The Casio Disc Title Printer CW-100 look promising and work with the
>> white discs, though I've yet to test one.
> Casio Thermals disc printers are made to work with the basic silver
> (e.g. uncoated) disks. I've never tried using an in-jet (white
> surfaced) disc. It might make the adhesion better, or worse...
> The CW=100 will print both the upper and lower areas at the same time,
> the other models will not. The CW-100 is also the only one for which
> Mac software is available (though you have to DL it from the web and
> it's hard to find...). The PC and Mac software titlers are very
> different: more options for the PC, but the Mac version is supposed to
> waste less of the ribbon per print. In either, you can print graphics
> (strictly 2 bit monochrome of course) not just text, so you can make
> something creative in a graphics app and use it if you like.
> It's all about the ribbons with these printers. A good ribbon yields
> nice crisp solid print. It's not subject to moisture as an inkjet
> label is, and it's also properly centered (the caddys for printing on
> discs in generic ink-jets I've used never get the printing exactly
> aligned with the disc). A not so good ribbon and the printing will
> have some empty splotches - incomplete characters.
> I don't now what separates the good ribbons from the poor ones: age?
> storage conditions? inconsistent manufacturing? I'm guessing one of
> the first two: that a fresh newly manufactured ribbon yields the best
> results.
> All in all though, I find the CW-100 the best cheap printer to add
> presentable titles to discs. The ribbons are expensive, but a bit
> cheaper if you buy them in 3-pacs. Buying ribbons from one of the big
> online vendors (Supermedia, Meritline, etc.) might be wise as they
> would not only have a lower price than, say, Staples, but their volume
> ought to be high enough that they would shipping fresh stock, not
> something that's sat on the shelf awhile.
> The adhesive paper labels can screw up the disc playback, and many
> festivals won't accept discs labeled with them, so don't go that
> route, regardless.
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