Re: [Frameworks] An Open Letter to Jeff Kreines

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Date: Fri Jul 30 2010 - 09:31:37 PDT

Dear Jeff/Joel/Frameworkers:

I'm not "rumor-mongering," just speaking from experience. I have emailed for information, written snailmail, and phoned--for months, and all to no avail. If the films are "available as usual," please (please!) let me know how I might see them.

Must they be rented in 16mm or are some available in other forms? What is the rental rate? Do you make films available to scholars. And what do I need to do to hear from you about this in some specific way? Please feel free to contact me off-FRAMEWORKS--though my guess that my interest in seeing the work is shared by others.

If at some point in my quest to access your work, I've insulted either of you in some way, please forgive me. But do let me know how to proceed.

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315-525-2336 (cell)
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Subject: Re: [Frameworks] An Open Letter to Jeff Kreines
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Date: Fri, July 30, 2010 8:50 am
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From Joel DeMott & Jeff Kreines

Scott MacDonald offered this bit of mischief to the Experimental Film Discussion List: 

            "I'm sure many Framemakers would be interested in knowing
            whether your films are available  . . .  and if not, why not" [sic]. 
Scott MacDonald knows, as many Frameworkers -- filmmakers, exhibitors, 
critics, friends -- can report, that our films SEVENTEEN, DEMON LOVER 
BROTHER JEFF, et al., are available as usual from us. DeMott/Kreines Films, 
distributor 1974 - present.

Any implication of difficulty or demise is just rumor-mongering by Scott.          

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