[Frameworks] Experimental Film Symposium in LA Nov. 12-14

From: Stephanie Sapienza (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jul 29 2010 - 13:57:12 PDT

Hi Frameworkers, Please note that due to scheduling conflicts, the original October dates for this symposium (as previously announced in a call for papers on this list and elsewhere) have now shifted to November. I hope to see many of you there! Best, Stephanie ________________________________ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 26, 2010 CONTACT: Stephanie Sapienza, Los Angeles Filmforum E-MAIL: email suppressed Symposium on Postwar Experimental Film to be held in Los Angeles at the University of Southern California, November 12 – 14 Los Angeles, CA –Los Angeles Filmforum is partnering with the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, to present a three-day symposium and film festival from November 12 – 14, 2010. The symposium is presented by USC’s Arts and Humanities initiative, Visions and Voices, in collaboration with Filmforum as part of a project entitled Alternative Projections: Experimental Film in Los Angeles 1945 – 1980. Alternative Projections aims to expand understanding of how experimental filmmaking evolved in Los Angeles and to contextualize its place in postwar art history. The project places focus on the community of filmmakers, artists, curators and programmers who contributed to the creation and presentation of experimental cinema in Southern California in the postwar era. It will add to the definitive overview of the topic provided in David James’s book The Most Typical Avant-Garde: History and Geography of Minor Cinemas in Los Angeles, while creating a complementary archive of resources for future scholars. The project is currently underway in the research and planning phases, and will culminate in a series of film screenings that will occur between September 2011 and June 2012. Researchers are gathering archival documents and creating a comprehensive research database of films, artists, organizations and exhibitions. In addition, over 40 new oral history interviews have been conducted and transcribed. Scholars presenting at the three-day symposium will utilize this new research to aid their presentations. Alternative Projectionshas been generously funded by a grant from the Getty Foundation. The symposium will feature 17 presentations on various aspects of filmmaking and exhibition during the postwar era in LA. Presenters include: Ken Eisenstein, Alice Hutchison, Adam Hyman, Carlos Kase, Katherine Kerrigan, Alison Kozberg, Liz Kotz, Tim Lanza, Jesse Lerner, Ross Lipman, Mike Olenick, Stephanie Sapienza, Marc Siegel, Pauline Stakelon, Erika Suderburg, Julie Turnock and Grahame Weinbren. Select topics will include: - Conceptualist media of the late 1960's, with a special focus on artist Paul McCarthy - Experimental Filmmakers and the Special Effects Industry in the 1970s - Queer postwar experimental cinema in LA - ASCO, Chicano community filmmaking and muralism - Kenneth Anger’s inner circle – Anais Nin, Marjorie Cameron, Curtis Harrington, particularly around the filming of Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome - Films made within the Venice poet community (Taylor Mead, Bob Wade Chatterton) - Raymond Rohauer as a presenter, sponsor, and distributor of experimental film work in 1950s and 60s Los Angeles - Jon Jost’s Los Angeles Films - The Avant-Garde Canonization in 1970’s curatorship at the Theatre Vanguard - The Films of Roberta Friedman and Grahame Weinbren - The Creative Film Society and Bob Pike as an early proponent of ‘West Coast’ experimental filmmaking These topics represent only a partial list, and are subject to change before the time of the symposium. Various screenings and panels with visiting filmmakers will also be a major part of the symposium, with films selected specifically to complement the 17 presentations. There will be a screening of works by the members of Single Wing Turquiose Bird Light Show, with discussion. In addition, there will be a small exhibit of artifacts and archival documents on display in an adjacent gallery area near the screening and presentation space. The symposium will be held at USC School of Cinematic Arts, and admission is free. Further details on dates, times and specific locations to be announced. Please watch the news unfold on the Filmforum website at www.lafilmforum.org (click on Blog), or visit the USC Visions and Voices site at http://www.usc.edu/dept/pubrel/visionsandvoices/. About Los Angeles Filmforum: Filmforum was incorporated in 1975. Its mission is to promote a greater understanding of film as an art form and the filmmaker as an artist by providing a forum for independently produced, experimental films, which have little opportunity of reaching the general public through normal channels of commercial distribution. It showcases alternative media that aims to inspire, enlighten, and empower, as well as to entertain. By featuring the underrepresented voices and visions of truly independent filmmakers, Filmforum exposes audiences to the full range of artistic expression, cultural perspectives, and critical inquiry. It continues as the city’s longest running organization that screens experimental and avant-garde film and video art, documentaries, and experimental animation. For more information, visit our website at www.lafilmforum.org. About the USC Visions and Voices Initiative: Visions and Voices is a university-wide arts and humanities initiative that is unparalleled in higher education. The initiative was established by President-elect C. L. Max Nikias during his tenure as provost in order to fulfill the goals set forth in USC’s strategic plan; to communicate USC’s core values to students; and to affirm the human spirit. Emphasizing the university’s commitment to interdisciplinary approaches, the initiative features a spectacular array of events conceived and organized by faculty and schools throughout the university. The series includes theatrical productions, music and dance performances, conferences, lectures, film screenings and many other special events both on and off campus. Each program invites students to dialogue and interact with artists, writers, professors and special guests. These interactions provide a dynamic experience of the arts and humanities and encourage active exploration of USC’s core values, including freedom of inquiry and expression, team spirit, appreciation of diversity, commitment to serving one’s community, entrepreneurial spirit, informed risk-taking, ethical conduct and the search for truth. For more information, visit the initiative website at http://www.usc.edu/VisionsAndVoices. For further information please contact Project Director Stephanie Sapienza at email suppressed, or Project Supervisor Adam Hyman at (address suppressed) For questions directed to USC, please contact Alex Ago at (address suppressed)

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