[Frameworks] additional Hindle update

From: Mark Toscano (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jul 28 2010 - 13:39:39 PDT

Two other pieces of info to share about the Will Hindle restoration work:

-I just went through the only extant print of Trekkerriff, Will's last film from 1985, and found it to be more or less pristine. Originals are lost, this is the only thing that survives. It's going to the lab tomorrow. Not sure what will ultimately be done with this one in terms of exhibition/distribution. In a letter to Canyon Cinema just a few months before his sudden death in 1987, he told them that he'd be sending the film out to them very soon, so my assumption is that Will wanted it in distribution. But I also know from Shellie Fleming that he wasn't totally satisfied with the soundtrack and may have been considering (or even working on) a second track. Regardless, I'm sure it will be showable somehow, and Hindle fans will definitely be hearing one way or the other. I've still never seen it myself, not wanting to risk projecting the one surviving print.

-I had gone through the ABC rolls for Pasteur3 about 6 years ago when I pulled them out of Deluxe Hollywood's vaults (amazing it was still there). My hazy memory was that the originals had some color fading problems, so I'd always been bummed when considering what to do with this one - the only two decent prints out there are kind of muddy and grubby 7389 prints from Canyon that had also faded somewhat. Well, to satisfy my curiosity, I pulled the originals out of the vault and was honestly ecstatic to discover that the color is totally fine all the way through, and in fact there's no serious damage of any kind. So this one's going to get prepped and sent off to the lab too, as soon as I can look at it again more closely and work out the printing notes and all that.

Pasteur3 is one of Will's lesser known films, and is one I like very much. It's an unusually humorous piece in many ways, but deeply human and touching, and no less visually exciting than his other work. In fact, I think the more restrained but striking visuals in this film are quite powerful. I always liked what Brakhage said in reference to it: "...How odd it is to walk through this world and find there are things that poison you."

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