Re: [Frameworks] Question on: Panasonic DVX 100BE 16:9 format

From: Flick Harrison (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jul 25 2010 - 10:42:53 PDT

The danger of squeeze mode is that you aren't seeing what you get; you're seeing a fun-house mirror. It's harder to focus and compose. I know shooters who can do it but it's annoying.

Unless the 100BE has fixed this, and actually letterboxes the squeezed image in the viewfinder, but then you might be mixing it up with true letterbox mode so I doubt they've done that.

On my Canon XH-A1, you can letterbox the output to TV or leave it native 16:9 depending on your monitor. Or get a monitor that has a 16:9 button on it. That's another option for getting accurate picture on location if you shoot in squeeze. I shot a whole feature that way.

Anamorphic lens adapters, never worked with one, but I imagine it adds to the shooting workflow - i.e. does the camera fit in your bag with the adapter on? Do the threads on the adapter require bomb-squad patience and finesse? After five deployments, are the threads stripped and useless? If you're taking it on and off, you'd have two more surfaces to keep clean. And you'd still have the fun-house mirror effect.

I did a google search for:

"squeeze mode" panasonic

(use those quotes!) and found some good threads on the topic. That's usually the first thing you should do in these matters... even google your camera model in there as well. 2-pop and lafcpug are good forums for these things, or always used to be anyway when I hung there.

- Flick


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