Re: [Frameworks] Letter to other Filmmaker Artists

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jul 23 2010 - 18:38:02 PDT

Anna, were you transferring to 10bitlog? Video monitors and video
projectors use a linear exposure curve, while film uses a logarythmic
S-curve. This means that on film you can capture nine F-stops of
difference between the shadows and the lights. Linear video
technology can only capture three, so you have to expose for the
shadows or the lights. This is why they use compression to squeeze
all the data into the oscilloscope. But newer machines can record in
10 bit log or 12 bit log, which is a logarythmic scale allowing you
to capture all those gradations. Of course you can't see all that
information on a monitor or videoprojector, but it can be captured in
the computer and later put back out to film.

At 13:35 -0700 23/07/10, Anna Biller wrote:
>I really dislike the limited
>contrast of HD, for my own work at least. I've had similar issues
>watching film prints of classic movies that have been digitally
>remastered and spit back to film. I can always tell, because the
>whites are so dark and the blacks are so soft.

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