Re: [Frameworks] Letter to other Filmmaker Artists

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jul 23 2010 - 12:43:54 PDT

Sorry that was a draft reply to Anna's post and a bit unfair.

I meant to delete not send because a reasonable answer would have
addressed the issue raised but I got impatient because: it had little
to do with origination on digital but rather translation to video;
because I'm not intererested in teaching a course online in Frameworks
(ask the question on CML-Basics),

There are limitations is translating images with the high dynamic
range of film to most video formats (data formats are much better)

Millenium Machine used by someone who really knows it can do a very
nice job with "hot" images, Arriscanners can use a dual-pass mode to

Telecine colorists don't all know how to use the color grading tools
with equal finesse

Some stuff does not transfer well... expectations need to be reasonable.

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