Re: [Frameworks] Bolex and Beaulieu lens mount inquiry

From: Paul Krimmer (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jul 21 2010 - 11:26:53 PDT

But if you use a c-mount to e.g. a nikon-adapter you do have 35mm still
cam depth of field and the focus distance get in with a little
difference at the distance marks (but remember the focal length is a
different cause of the smaller mask) --> the . RX-lenses are not sold a
lot, and are expensive. of course the spherical aberration and
astigmatism is a point of perfection, but if you just want to use the
cam with wysiwyg it works with an adapter, too. But normal c-mount
lenses with bolex reflex is bollocks.... with normal-cmount you can only
go down 2 oder 3 stops to increase the DOP the prism gets out of the game

Sam Wells schrieb:
> Both C mount but for wider lenses 10mm - 50mm, you should use lenses
> (mostly Switar) marked "RX" because with the Bolex reflex prism the
> effective rear focal distance is different. (longer, called "in air"
> distance).
> The Switar RX lenses are also overcorrected for spherical aberration
> and astigmatism which are implications of passing the image through
> the thick prism.
> -Sam
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