Re: [Frameworks] Bolex and Beaulieu lens mount inquiry

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jul 21 2010 - 16:17:09 PDT

 . why
> is the DOF a different if you use the 35mm photo lense on a 16mm
> camera?????

Hi Paul,

it isn't ! (obviously the angle of view & relative magnification will be
different from what that 35 photo lens would do on a photo camera but focal
length = focal length ;-

> and why i can get a sharp picture with an adapter?

Which adapter ? if rear focus distance is right -- you are talking about
lens mount adapter, or something optical ?

, i have once
read a technical sheet, if you put down some f-stops the spherical
abberation gets in balance with the filmplane

True. But like I said I had trouble with 25mm lens @ 5.6 or so. Anyway
Switar RX lenses can be so good, no problem.

Longer focal lengths tend not to be much problem as the exit pupil is
sufficient distance ftom the film plane. (the Dennis Couzin lesson !)


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