Re: [Frameworks] FUTURE OF FILM (was Letter to other Filmmaker Artists)

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Date: Wed Jul 21 2010 - 11:16:21 PDT

Well the term "slow cinema" has been used in discussions around so-called CCC (Contemporary Contemplative Cinema), but that debate is primarily about describing particular formal qualities and an aesthetic mode found in the work of certain filmmakers (Bela Tarr, Tsai Ming-Liang, Jessica Hausner, and many others). There was much online discussion of this a few months back but for a nice introduction to the subject check out this article in the journal 16:9 from a few years ago:


But I was thinking of appropriating the term to describe a more holistic philosophical approach of "slowness" that would encompass all of the practices involved in artisanal filmmaking (and exhibition, too). This would not only be an embrace of all the deliberate and methodical aspects of the practice so often dismissed as negative (time-consuming, difficult, "boring") but would also be a conscious advocacy of the approach as an alternative to contemporary distraction cinema.




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Subject: Re: [Frameworks] FUTURE OF FILM (was Letter to other Filmmaker Artists)

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I really think that analog shooting, editing, and projection are true manifestations of a kind of "slow cinema" movement that should be explored and embraced rather than discarded

That's a great term, Slow Cinema.
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