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From: Gawthrop, Rob (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jul 21 2010 - 01:25:41 PDT

Talking of 19c tech, check-out Norbert Schliewe who works with home-made analogue TV & video (and more).


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On 21/07/2010 08:07, "email suppressed> wrote:

Most of the most ubiquitous technologies we use are from the C19 or
before: add to the list the internal combustion engine, sewing
machine, incandescent light bulb, phonograph, various kinds of pump,
etc etc.

There area about 500 million computers in the world, as opposed to 600
million motor vehicles,

Nicky Hamlyn.

On 20 Jul 2010, at 18:58, Pip Chodorov wrote:

> I don't know - we still have pencils and paper, and they still serve
> us well to write. Many people use typewriters and many more
> computers. Is there no use for paper and pencil? Are they part of an
> earlier age? I know I'm overstating a simple point but I think it's
> a useful analogy. Mechanical technologies are still around and as
> much a part of the present. You still use a bicycle? An ice-cream
> scooper with a spring-action scoop ejector? My Bolex and my super-8
> camera are on my table ready to use, like my scissors, my fork, my
> kettle. This is second nature, does not denote or connote the past
> in any way, and I think for many people this is the same. More
> important is what you write, rather than that it is written with a
> pencil, a typewriter or a computer. That's originality... No?
> -Pip

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