Re: [Frameworks] Letter to other Filmmaker Artists

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jul 20 2010 - 09:58:52 PDT

> She makes an interesting point. Does film have a future?

I guess if you give it one. No reason he should not shoot it now if he wants
to. It'll cost a few $$ but 'digital' isn't free either...

Really he should have the experience of it. I did for 30 + years, I doubt if
I'll shoot it again (except for scanned stills where really if I had the
spare $ I'd pick up a used Hasselblad or something) but for motion, no I
don't miss shooting film, I enjoy shooting digital more, actually (more
like my first Bolex, buying 100' rolls @ the camera shop for ~ $6, 7 --
truck went from there every business day to Kodak in Fairlawn for
processing. Cool. I switched to digital (& my own weird way of doing it) in
part to recapture that immediacy - rather than the byzantine process of,
say expensive Kodak Vision neg; expensive telecine, begging rates etc etc
etc ($ 1,000,000 Spirit DataCine replaced by $ 79 CF card reader; $ 250,000
Davinci Resolve color corrector is $ 995 software due this month..)

I miss the hightlight capture of film more than anything. It'll happen, it
is 1910 all over again,
in that what digital cinema will & can be is in a potential state......

meanwhile, it seems to me if one is really driven to get the film
experience, might as well do crazy things now, shoot VistaVision or
something ;-) I mean it !


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