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Date: Mon Jul 19 2010 - 11:00:53 PDT

An experiment in science is still an experiment, even thou it's been done

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Fred: " "Experimental film" is now,
instead, a genre."
Agreed. You can substitute "Avant-Garde"
"This in itself is neither a good nor bad thing, in my view, as long as
the filmmaker who is scratching on film understands she or he is
working in a tradition, and is aware of the past, and believes she is
adding something."
Adding something that stays in bounds in not addition, it's entropy. More
information, more phase space is not more knoeledge.
Jennifer: "But what if someone makes something like that not knowing about the
One problem is that they might be imitating the watered down history, the
 'Honda Commercial' history... in pure sense tho I would envy that person I
think; the differerence between meme & gene; meme & meaning...
----Arguably, Commercials and Experimental film were copying each other when
Boris Kaufmann (A Propos..; Taris !!) & Stan shot those fabric adds, "toilet
tissue" what have you
 It would not become an outdated "experiment," thus.
A real experiment is never outdated.
Its implications reveal themselves as they unfold over time; this is in the most
literal sense Holonomic.


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