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Date: Sat Jul 17 2010 - 22:14:50 PDT

"Taris" by Vigo is a good one."Don't Look Back" by Pennebaker probably qualifies
because it represented a new and groundbreaking way to make a film at the time.

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Not to start arguments within the thread, but...

I agree with David T's general point about ideology and the camera, but I'm not
sure if I agree that Naomi Uman's films should be avoided. But it has been a
while since I've seen them and perhaps I should hear more reactions to them.
Perhaps her more recent Ukrainian films would be interesting to look at in
relation to some of the objections to her earlier poetic/portrait docs (since
part of the idea for the project was to explore the land of her own ancestry).

I think Shirley Clarke's The Connection probably pushes the definition of doc
too far (a staged adaptation of a play filmed in a studio set), but Clarke's
Portrait of Jason might make a good substitution for it.

Other suggestions probably already thought of or mentioned:

Warhol's screen tests, and Bufferin (and many others)
George Kuchar's Weather Diaries (and many many many others)
Peggy Awhesh's Martina's Playhouse
Jean Vigo, A propos de Nice
Santiago Alvarez

I just watched Lionel Rogosin's "Good Times, Wonderful Times" which might not
strictly fit the definition here, and I had mixed feelings about it, but it
might be useful in such a class.

James Kreul
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