Re: [Frameworks] artist residencies (was Looking for Louise Bourque)

From: Amanda Christie (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jul 17 2010 - 13:34:57 PDT

super thanks lauren and sara!

along the lines of programming atlantic canadian filmmakers work, i'd
also like to see filmmakers from other areas come to make and/or
screen work here too...

i hope to post some official info and a call soon for filmmakers
interested in making work out here.... but some of the details still
need to be ironed out... in the meantime... to whet your whistle and
get you thinking.... we have a great artist in residence program (more
general.... not specifically for filmmakers, but open to them) and
the deadline is october 1....

we just launched a brand new film space last night! the opening was
great (i'm still recovering).

sackville is a small town of 5000 people with only one traffic
light.... and lots of ducks.... in the middle of the tantramar
marshlands..... but we now have a nice sized media arts centre with
steenbeck, jk optical printer, homemade animation stand, light tables,
handwinders, darkroom, green screen, HD gear, computers, projectors
(of various sorts)... and a few apartments for artists in residence.
it's a really sweet space for artists to come and make work. despite
the small size, this town has a really vibrant arts communty.

we have an annual call for artists in residence (1 month
residencies)... it's a general residence that's open to artists in
both visual and media arts... but with now with our new film equipment
(primarily 16mm) it would be great to have some filmmakers come out
here to make work.

here is a link with info about the town of sackville:

and here is a link to struts gallery (which houses the faucet media
arts centre)

here is a link to the faucet media arts centre facilities (including
the fX: faucet eXpanded which was just opened to the public last
night): (the photos are from before i finished the space... new ones
will be uploaded next month after our festival madness has come to an

here is a link to our major summer arts festival (which includes
screenings and media art installations among other stuff):

here is a link to the music festival that comes right on the heels of
our arts festival:

and here is a link to our call for residencies: (open studio
residencies are the ones you folks would be interested in)
(oh... and the list of available equipment for the residency is
TOTALLY out of date! we have way more stuff now.... i'll update that
page of the website after the festivals are over)

phew! things are afoot!

yours, not far from the fundy coastline and the highest tides in the


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