Re: [Frameworks] Looking for Louise Bourque

From: Amanda Christie (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jul 17 2010 - 11:54:29 PDT

thanks miriam.... i'll do that on monday.

i was actually hoping to get a hold of her this weekend (super short
notice i know!) for a time sensitive screening i'm putting together
and the program print deadline is monday.... i just heard last night
that she moved back to the province, and that's why i hadn't tried to
contact her earlier.... because the program is very region specific....

i'm researching a programming experimental film works specifically
made in atlantic canada. we don't have a single distributor in these
four atlantic provinces (there was one between 1985 and 1995.... but
no longer), and no cinematheques... however there are six production
centres (film co-ops etc) and a lot of artists making work... but
very few of these artists are exhibiting and screening their work,
either within or beyond the region... people seem to make their work,
then transfer it to dvd (shooting off a wall) and trade DVDs between
friends, screen work in backyards, etc... very DIY-grassroots-
underground style.... but the work just doesn't go much further than
that and it's a shame because a lot of it is quite lovely... and i
can't tell you how many artists i've spoken to here who have actually
lost their prints and negs!.... they make these beautful films, screen
them a few times, and then they go onto a shelf or in a box... never
to a distributor.... and then.... well.... there are lots of artists
making work here... but very little dissemination going on.... so i
want to try to help with that side of things by programming and
screening as much work as possible here in the region and then touring
it beyond.

anyhow i thought that it would be nice to screen some work made by
more established and canonical filmmakers from this region alongside
some of the more recent unsung heroes....


On 17-Jul-10, at 3:40 PM, miriam jayne martins sampaio wrote:

> hey amanda
> i am sure if you contact cfmdc, and ask jeff he will
> definitely know.
> be well
> miriam
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> > Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2010 12:14:33 -0300
> > Subject: [Frameworks] Looking for Louise Bourque
> >
> > Does anyone have contact info for Louise Bourque? I've heard that
> > she's moved back to New Brunswick recently, and I'm organizing
> several
> > screenings here in New Brunswick over the next few months... and I
> > would love to be in touch with her if she is indeed living nearby.
> >
> > Thanks so much,
> >
> > amanda dawn christie
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