[Frameworks] teach me to bolex

From: Serge Levchin (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jul 15 2010 - 15:01:58 PDT

hello list -

anyone in the NY area with a bolex and a few hours to spare - and interested
in giving a private workshop?

ideally you would show me how to load film and let me practice loading a few
times - then we'd go out and shoot a roll - and talk about various controls,
lenses, etc.

please get in touch, tell me a bit about yourself/your camera (model, mount,
etc) - and what you think is fair compensation for your time.

also - looking to rent a bolex in the LA area for about a week, 2nd week of
august. if you/your friend have one lying about - and would like to rent it
out at a reasonable rate - please get in touch. i don't think i can afford
rental house rates - at least not from places that
come<http://www.alangordon.com/r_filmcam16_2.htm>up with a basic

many thanks,

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