Re: [Frameworks] Loaded camera, miserable humidity

From: Ann Deborah Levy (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jul 14 2010 - 10:30:11 PDT

I used to shoot with a Bolex and have had lot's of experience shooting
in hot humid conditions (both inside and outside.) Two things I was
told to do by both a lab technician and Kodak that really help are:

1. If you keep the film in the fridge make sure you allow it to cool
to room temperature before you put it in the camera otherwise the
condensation on the film will produce visible results that you won't
like--and I think what you saw is what I remember from a similar

2. When you finish the roll of film, immediately put it back in the
can and put the can in a ziplock bag. Return it to the fridge as soon
as possible. This allows the film to adjust more gradually to the
temperature and humidity levels of the fridge because it is in the
bag with the air it was shot in which cools around it in the fridge.
The film should be brought to room temperature before processing.

Following step 2. really improved the color quality and crispness of
the footage I was shooting.

Hope this helps.


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