Re: [Frameworks] Loaded camera, miserable humidity

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jul 14 2010 - 08:31:28 PDT

Alex, you can get really small silica packs or caps. I meant if the roll is
going to "live" in the camera between shooting sessions. Then obviously take
them out in a changing bag or pitch dark room before you shoot !

The sponge thing means litterally running the film past wet sponges in the
mag; it would make ME nervous but one Camera Asssistant who had done this
with both Arri 35-3 or 35-2C (I forget,same difference) and I think 16SR as
well said it worked, I think the shoot(s) were unairconditioned interiors in
summertime NOLA. I'd worry about abrasion (I should ask what kind of sponge
- natural would flake !) Anyway I was just mentioning in passing. ...Not to
mention I've developed a very bad reputation for lipidity re a certain
screening venue in NYC :-(

I hope you are letting the film demoisturise when removing from a fridge (I
double seal it if refrigerating). Truthfully I'd prefer to keep film in a
coolish dryish place to popping it on & out of the fridge or freezer.

> it's these wide columns of overexposure that wave back and forth over the
image. I also >sent it to Pac Lab, maybe that's the real problem?

Can you scan a few frames or put up a short clip & link to it ??


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