Re: [Frameworks] 21st Century Limited

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jul 12 2010 - 11:51:58 PDT

Hi Mark, for one thing you guys got away & I was talking to too many people
at once.

I'm aware - as I said - of issues that could arise w/ At Sea & spliced
I am certainly not encouraging people to "stay away next" time, if you so

Anyway I got a fast & public response from you so that is not so bad as all
For a screen that size - and don't get me wrong, big is better in my
opinion, *up to a point*
(or up _from_ a point - that isn't a really point...) but this certainly
pushes the limits of 16mm projection so it is difficult to not be
hypercritical, I apologize for any stridency in my comments - maybe I take
it too personally as I've had to take it personally elsewhere !

Additionally I hesitate to say this but what the hell we're all in the same
boat often enough here; I've found you difficult to approach in the past,
for whatever reason, and it may be "just me" as they say. Perhaps we should
move forward from here in a new spirit !

(I do think there are some edge - edge issues with the projector - gate



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