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 Yes, more creation/production collectives, less cooperatives for equipment/resources/distribution. The latter is fairly common, but is still based on the primacy of helping the individual artist be an individual artist.

I'm more interested in people working together to create and critique each other's work, as part a collective project.

And Anja, this isn't research for any writing or academic end result, I'm just curious in connecting with folks.

I do a project here in NYC called Red Channels which is trying to collective itself. We've also recently collaborated with Paper Tiger, which started as a collectively produced cable access show, but is now more broadly a video collective.





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If you're looking more for creation collectives (groups of people who

work together on the same project) rather than cooperatives (groups of

people who share equipment but work independently).... I can list a

few Canadian ones.

some creation collectives in Canada include:

1) the double negative collective

2) the IRiSs Lab

IRiSs Lab is a collective that I co-founded here in Atlantic Canada

two years ago. We are spread out across two provinces and focus on

improvised live film and audio performance. IRiSs stands for

"Integrated Ruptures in Sensory spaces". You can read more about us

and see samples of past performances on our website:

Amanda Dawn Christie


Master of Fine Arts



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