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From: Chuck Kleinhans (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jul 11 2010 - 20:42:15 PDT

JUMP CUT no. 52

Free, Online, Now!


A massive issue chock full of treats for every interest.
JUMP CUT: A Review of Contemporary Media, summer 2010

Perfect summer reading for your iPad at the beach or pool!

Experimental Documentaries

Wees on Forgacs Meanwhile, Somewhere
Pramaggiore on 11’09”01—September 11, 2001
Feldman on The Man With the Movie Camera: The Global Remake
Mrles on The Shoebox
Hansen on Body Docs

Standard Operating Procedure reframed
Andrews, Nichols, Kahana, Williams, Leimbacher

Experimental and Art Worlds

Andrews, Revisiting “The Two Avant-Gardes”
Ramey, Economics of the film avant-garde
Moscato, Media activism in Buffalo NY
Mondloch, Artist’s cinema
Gadassik, Hollywood animation
Felleman, Modern art and network TV
Kleinhans, resources for studying the avant garde media

and lots more: global cinema, Corporate Hollywood, US features, and
Sex, Horror & Torture

Chuck Kleinhans

Co-editor, JUMP CUT: A Review of Contemporary Media

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